We’re on YouTube

To complement this blog an Every Steve Jobs Video YouTube channel has been created… actually it preceded this blog by a few weeks :) It’s a convenient way to quickly browse through the full (and growing) archive of ±150 clips.

The things I like the most about the channel are the Playlists, especially the ones going through Steve’s ‘careers’ in chronological order – which I will highlight a bit further. It’s fascinating to watch Steve evolve as a person and as a leader. If like me you were following Apple in the 90’s, looking back at the old keynotes in sequence and seeing how foretelling Steve was is astonishing.
YouTube Channel - Small
Steve Jobs career is divided in four chapters: Apple, NeXT, Pixar and again Apple. There’s a playlist for each period and it covers every event in chronological order. If after a Keynote Jobs spoke with Steve Wozniak before heading to the local TV station to discuss a newly announced product, it will appear as such in the Playlist. It’s the absolute Steve Jobs Time Machine! If you have time on your hand it’s a must try, if you don’t, make time.

In the future, when my WordPress skills will have improved, I’ll add these playlists in this blog :)

Update: Well, it didn’t take me long to figure it out. I just added them in a menu called Chronology.