Steve Jobs presents WebObjects at MSPDC (1996)

Steve Jobs presents WebObjects at the Microsoft Professional Developers conference.

The web is not anymore only used to view certain pages that were updated by the company profiles. Earlier the number of webpages were very few, but today; we have billions and billions of them floating on the internet.


The increase in the number is due to the exposure that has been given to the common public, the ease of access to the internet, the low cost in data access and few others technical developments.


The recent development in the technology is the blockchain, that has been creating storms across the globe. We hear that people are becoming millionaires overnight, with the purchase of bitcoins they made few years back. Well, the digital currency world was working on it since many years, and yes there were downfalls at the beginning, but with each downfall the industry came bouncing back more stronger and today its standing tall as an unshakeable virtual world of currency.


So, how is the transaction happening? Are there any brokers? Well, the cryptocurrency doesn’t have an exchange of its own, but has various platforms and brokering companies that deal with trading of the currency. If you are thinking of joining a platform and start your journey of investments, then you will need to know about these things from your broker.


Trading is a vast ocean with too many options and a person who doesn’t have any experience can drown too soon. So, with some little knowledge and basic idea and experience will take you a long way. Learn the basics like what is the cost of trade actually, what is consisted inside; hedging opportunities, intraday trading and in this trade, you also need to know if your broker or the online trading platform allows you to trade on weekends.


Here are few tips, that is straight from the source offered online:

Hedging allows you to change the positions so as to avoid losses or make up for the losses. Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are volatile, extreme levels in nature, and the chances of losing is high. Hence hedging is necessary to balance the losses and make some gains when the opportunity arrives. If your broker allows this feature, then this will also give you a clear picture about the policies of the company.

00:00. WebObjects vision
06:21. WebObjects demo
17:27. WebObjects Enterprise demo
24:14. Q&A

Date: March 1, 1996
Location: Moscone Convention Center, San Francisco
Steve was 41 years old.